United Kingdom …. Nul Points

Hi again,
You are likely coming to this post from my Paris blog, if not then check it out here! This is a super short blog post for this week!
So after the adventurous two weeks we had, we were filled with dread for starting back to placement on the Monday, but it soon came around and flew as always! Until Tuesday night, when Erin had to teach Rachel and I the entire contents of our Holocaust and Genocide module which we had an exam for on the Wednesday. The exam was rescheduled to this date after we had booked all of our travelling, which probably wasn’t a great idea but sure!
The next day we sat the exam and afterwards treated ourselves to our beloved Yoghurt Barn for brunch and some retail therapy.
That evening, a fellow trainee teacher (Merel) from Erin and Rachel’s school had invited us to her flat for a bit of craic, so it was lovely experiencing some Dutch hospitality!
On Saturday, we had organised a get-together in our flat to watch the Eurovision Song Contest with our Erasmus class. Saturday morning and afternoon was flat out with buying food and cooking some Irish specialties like cottage pie, bubble and squeak, potato bread, fifteens, top hats, snowballs and Oreo cheesecake. What was originally meant to be a small gathering of 10-15 people ended up being around 35 people squashed into our small kitchen. After some technical difficulties with the projector we had borrowed from our university, everyone had a great wee night sampling food as everyone had brought a main and dessert from all of their different countries such as: Norway, Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.
However, I ended up feeling ill with what turned out to be a chest infection that I spent all day in bed on Sunday and taking off placement on the Monday, which was unfortunate but nevertheless I was glad of the girls who were ever supportive and made me dinner and everything, I’m sure you know by now but they are two wee babes!
Naomi x

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