Tan Addicts Anonymous … We have a member for you!


This week was fairly uneventful so this blog will be fairly short! To be honest, after a hectic couple of days travelling about the Netherlands we were in need of a quiet week.

Rachel’s parents came to visit this week, and Erin was invited by her school to supervise on a trip to England! (All expenses paid, so she was hardly going to say no!)

Rachel was particularly glad to see her parents come armed with a suitcase of summer clothes and … HER BELOVED TAN … 9 bottles later and Rachel’s shelf could be mistaken for Drumahoe Chemist, except their shelves are now probably empty because Rachel has all of their Rimmel sun shimmer!

Monday and Tuesday were two long days of placement, (especially when you’re teaching about Father Ted.. haha!!) so it was lovely to go out for dinner in Nijmegen with Rachel and her parents on Tuesday night. With us three being so close, we are always about when someone is skyping their parents, so we’ve had many a laugh with each other’s families (usually about Rachel’s shopping addiction or Erin’s budget) and it was lovely to do this in person with the Glenn’s! The next day they rented bikes and explored Nijmegen, to which I politely refused to have a nice long lie in!


The rest of the week was fairly quiet and we were glad to have Erin back from England on Friday. It always feels a bit strange now when we’re without one member of the trio, we’re like a proper wee family now haha!! On Friday Erin decide she was in need of a haircut, so Rachel and I worked some magic and saved the finance minister a few pound on the hairdressers … To be fair she did pay us in mini eggs and crumpets as she had raided Tesco in England! Wee gem.
On Saturday, our friend Annie turned 25, so we went along to meet up with Erasmus friends and some of Annie’s friends from home to a pancake boat. On this boat, we went on a cruise along some of the rivers in Nijmegen and wait for the best part … Unlimited pancakes!! We ate as much as humanly possible in an hour and a half (Erin holds the record – 5, while Rachel let down the hallion family and only ate 2!)

On Sunday Erin and I went to church as it was Easter Sunday. I’ll not lie I really missed the tradition I have with Mark of going to the Dawn service at Spelga! Anyway, they had a lunch of Indonesian dishes and we were invited to stay behind which was really nice!


Tomorrow we are half way through Erasmus which is absolutely crazy and makes us so so sad because time is just going too quickly!

Have a great week!

Naomi x


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