Sun, Sand and Surprises


I’m aware my blog posts are becoming less and less scheduled… Sunday night blogs are no longer possible – time is just going too quickly.

This week was also fairly quiet so I finally got a chance to catch up on the blog posts and write in my journal. Erin’s mum and siblings came over to visit on Thursday and Rachel had a school trip to Amsterdam so I decided to take myself into the city centre for some me time to write!!

Since starting up my own blog I have started following lots of other blogs on Bloglovin’ – I could spend hours on there!! A new favourite I have discovered is Nina Fenne, who actually lives in Nijmegen and has a ‘lovely locations’ category where she tries out new cafes and writes a blog post on them… Very tempted to start this segment on my blog as I LOVE trying new cafes.

I trialled two on her list that day. First for lunch I went to FIKA which is very modern and has a noticeable Swedish design.

After I had scored wifi for long enough I decided some retail therapy was in order… However, I needed to catch up with my journal so I went to OPEN Slowcafe, which is a new cafe with the slogan – ‘Eat, Drink, Connect’ and it was the perfect place to go… With this in mind, they have no wifi so it really was just perfect for me time, and one of the cafe workers actually came over and started telling me all about their love for chatting and getting to know new people.. As a chatty Northern Irish girl this suited me right down to the ground! I will definitely be back!

Friday was our last class in uni for 2 weeks, so we were all going our separate ways for this weekend. Rachel decided to do a surprise visit home this weekend to see Peter. It was so hard for her to keep it a secret as he wanted to book flights over but she stood her ground and I’m so glad she did – he was buzzing!!

On Friday, mum, Rachel and my nanny G came to visit. As Rachel (Glenn… This could get confusing!) was going home, we got the train together to the airport. Of course we were running late as usual so the cycle there was terrible, especially since I had far too much stuff packed… Someone find an overpackers anonymous for me please. The long train journey gave us a chance to chill out, and I was buzzing to see a Claas harvester along the way… I’m raging I will miss the beginning of silage season, but third cut at Grants will be waiting for me when I come home!

I picked up my family from the airport to go to Zandvoort (a seaside town) where we would stay for the weekend. Rachel (Glenn) and I said our goodbyes … We had already said goodbye to Erin as she was away to see her family who were staying in Eindhoven… I honestly felt like I was leaving my children behind for the weekend, it was terrible!

On Saturday we went to Haarlem, wandered around the Saturday morning market and bought some fresh fruit and veg.

We had intended to visit the Corrie Ten Boom House – she was a famous lady who helped the Jews during the war. However, the queue was ridiculous so we decided to give that a miss! Instead, we went to Amsterdam to see Dam Square and go on a canal cruise.

Sunday was a very chilled day, with several walks along the beach.

On Monday we went to Keukenhof – the famous tulip fields and this time of year is the optimal time to go. It was so beautiful and it is massive (70 odd acres) so we spent the whole day wandering around seeing all the varieties of flowers. My nanny G loves gardening, so this was right up her street!

We thought this was hilarious considering my famous red coat!


This one was taken with both dad and Mark in mind as they always call us two ‘orange lils’. .. Roll on July!!

After leaving my family to the airport, I decided to wait on Rachel as a surprise for her coming home.. Unfortunately she came out of a different arrivals door than expected, so my plan completely failed and luckily she rang me wanting to know if she was getting the right train … Thankfully I bolted through the airport just in time to surprise her on the platform before she got onto the train without me!!

The next few weeks are going to be just as busy as we are doing some more travelling over our May break… Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog in a few weeks.

Have a great week!
Naomi x



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