Rotterdam… The Hague… and everything in between

It’s blog 10…. What!! Time is flying far too quickly.

This past week has been a mad whirlwind of trains, buses and cities!

On Thursday we headed to Rotterdam! Annie had spotted a Facebook event where a chain restaurant was offering free burgers in Rotterdam the entire day because they were opening a new restaurant there. In the words of Mark Peden ‘where there’s something free, there we’ll be’. So we decided to make a trip to Rotterdam. Of course we were in an almighty rush (what’s new) so we had to cycle like made eejits to make the 9.10 train… We made the 1h30m journey to Rotterdam. We were unpleasantly surprised at the difference in temperature, we always seem to forget how much colder it gets as you go north in the Netherlands. This and the early morning called for a coffee stop, and around lunch time we got in line to receive a free burger. I have to say this was probably the best bargain we’ve got yet – a free burger and side worth over 16 euro… You couldn’t say no.

After lunch we dandered about Rotterdam and we were glad to take a seat in the park and received an interesting wildlife lesson from Rachel (who hates animals… In case you didn’t know – she even questioned how far we could ‘boot them’ across the park) who thought these were flamingos ….


I kid you not. Much to Rachel’s despair we were invaded by ducks who seemed to think we had food for them, the girls were buzzing to be so close to a duck …

Especially Erin who declared “I’d love to pet it’s head but I dunno how it would take it” to which Rachel continued the wildlife conversation which went a little like this “is he pregnant??” “What??” “His front is really big” “Rachel you do know ducks lay eggs??” “Oh yeah… But maybe they store them there?” …. Cue hysterical laughter all round. Perhaps we’ll leave the biology lessons to Erin…

We then headed to the Euromast to view Rotterdam from a height. A man outside gave us some free tickets which was an added bonus!

On the way home, of course disaster struck when we were on an ICE train (a fancy train in Germany) where a woman came around asking for tickets, and apparently ours didn’t cover this high-class train. Thankfully, we were let off with a 5 euro surcharge… SCENES

On Friday morning, we headed off on a trip organised by the university – ‘Tour to the West’ where we visited various museums and landmarks within the west of the Netherlands. We actually managed to get Rachel out of the house on time for once by telling her the bus was leaving at 9am sharp (it wasn’t going until 9.15) and she thought  we had left without her when she came busting into my room where I was enjoying a nice cup of tea at 9.05. It was such a great weekend with our whole Erasmus class, and it was a whirlwind trip, so without boring you with all of the details, here are some photos:



The Hague
(I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with the details, but please take in Rachel scraping up her last cents to buy a chocolate brownie, there was chocolate involved so the finance minister approved…. This photo sums up their financial relationship haha!!)

Zaanse Schans


The most hilarious part of the whole thing was the bus that the university provided… The bus company only had the ‘party bus’ left so we toured about like a heavy metal rock band for the duration of the weekend.

In reality, these were the hallions inside the bus for most of the weekend…


Naomi x


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