Feathers and Fires

Hellooo! I can’t believe we are now in April, we’re nearly halfway through Erasmus and we’re so sad that we are running out of time!!

The weather has been so good recently and we have been making the most of it…

On Monday night, Rachel took a notion that she wanted a dip dye! With the Erasmus Budget in full effect, going to a hairdresser for such a luxury isn’t an option here so a box dye and two hallions began the task of hairdressing. Erin sat and watched at this stage as Rachel was afeared she would end up with an all over blonde colour if Erin got involved! It actually went successfully and Rachel’s old dip dye is back in effect!Photo 02-04-2017, 21 01 38

So just as Rachel was about to earn the title of making a great housewife, we were cooking the dinner on Tuesday night, I was doing dishes and all of a sudden Rachel was squealing and flapping about with flames on the oven glove!! This was the end result, and the pair of us just laughed our heads off at the whole situation but we were just glad it wasn’t her hand! We’ll not leave her to cook on her own just yet or she may actually burn the house down, thankfully we have a Dominos closeby!

Photo 02-04-2017, 20 45 11

After the stress of nearly getting involved with the Netherlands fire service, we thought we deserved a pamper night, however it ended rather stressful for Erin as somehow (no idea how….) the cucumber slices went missing… Erin was raging the next day when she opened her purse to find a wee cucumber slice, well it makes a change from the moths flying out!!

Having placement means the weeks are even busier now, and although we are getting into the swing of teaching here, we are glad to become students again in uni on a Wednesday! This Wednesday however, of course the curse of the wheel continued as Rachel had decided to put some air in the bike wheels, after a struggle with the bike pump, Erin’s back wheel was well and truly flat (baring a similar resemblance to mine in the first week)… Erin had an appointment so she had to walk while Rachel came to find me – hands covered in oil and fake tan ruined… So we discovered the problem… The air pump was being used the wrong way around …. Crisis averted!!

Photo 29-03-2017, 12 52 26

After that whole dilemma, I headed to Eindhoven to meet my aunty as she was over on a work trip! Knowing my love for chocolate, she very kindly brought me some mini-eggs which we haven’t been able to source over here! While I was chomping away at the chocolate, Erin had convinced Rachel to join her in the gym – she regrets it now – her legs are still sore!!

I was flowergirl at her wedding many years ago and we’ve always been close so it was so lovely catching up and reminiscing!

I returned on Thursday night after a whole handlin’ getting the bus as two suitcase’s had been stolen from the luggage hold and a dutch woman shouting her mouth off! To add to that, the drive home felt like the journey I made with Rachel Glenn to our friend Kirsten’s wedding as the driver dodged in and out of lanes like a mad man! Nevertheless I made it home alive and I felt like I was coming home to my two wee kids Erin and Rachel, I was glad to see them!

On Friday evening, the hairdressers were called upon again as our flatmates Sofia and Diana had bought purple (for Diana) and turquoise for Sofia! Unfortunately the dye didn’t work because their hair is so dark, especially for Sofia, however Diana’s does show up in the light!

On Saturday morning, we had a bit of a YOLO decision to go to Amsterdam for the World Pillow Fight Day. Baring in mind Saturday was April Fools, myself and Ellis were slightly sceptical at the idea of a crowd of people actually starting to wack each other with pillows in the middle of Amsterdam, however you’ll see from the pictures (and video) it actually did happen and it was like nothing I have ever experienced before – so much fun!! Special shoutout to our wee Ellis who was out the night before, fell off her bike, lost half a tooth and busted her knees, nose and mouth open and still managed to make it to Amsterdam earlier than us!! She had us cracking up keeping people going that they had bust her mouth open by hitting her with the pillow, top banter merchant that wee one.

Skip to 0:46 to see Erin and Rachel take out their bate the life out of each other!

After the excitement of the pillow fight, we decided to take a dander around Amsterdam and with selfie queen Valantia along, some selfies were a must!

We stopped for a coffee, and Valantia whipped out a full packet of biscuits from her bag, and I thought Erin was bad for saving money!

After some more touring about, we headed for dinner and we found a 5 euro pizza/pasta restaurant, which put the cherry on top of a good day for the finance minister. She’s starting to rub off on Ellis who finished her water before the meal even arrived, so out she brought the bottle of water to top it up like a wee rascal… Erin will have the whole of Europe pinching the pennies before we hit the tarmac in NI!

Of course dinner had to be followed by dessert!! And donuts were the obvious choice …

By the end of  the day we were all knackered! We got onto the train to head home, and of course there were no seats, so we all just horsed onto the floor of the carriage. Unfortunately, we attracted the attention of a man who was either blocked or totally wacko as he gave the train a full singing performance, lucky us had front row seats… Thankfully, we had a changeover train so we managed to get seats and all had a powernap before the cycle home!

We all collapsed into bed that night and were ready for the rest on Sunday!

Have a fantastic week!
Naomi x

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