The consequences of men travelling alone

Hi and welcome to blog #7!

So this week we had some very special  visitors. The three boyfriends (Elliott, Peter and Mark) came to visit.

On Wednesday morning we had class which felt like it was never going to end, made worse by the class running late!! Elliott (Erin’s boyfriend) had accidentally booked the earliest flight possible to Amsterdam, so he was sitting in Schiphol Airport at 8am – before we had even got up to go to class. So we wanted to get there as soon as possible to prevent him accidentally visiting any coffee shops.

So we headed for the bikes, cycling faster than ever before to try and make the 12:43 train. As Erin and I ran like idiots to our platform, we managed to make it onto the train just as the doors were closing. It was like something out of a Bond film only our Aston Martin equivalents have less wheels and gadgets and more rust, and the two sweaty messes on the bikes  didn’t quite match up to your usual Bond girls.

We made it to Amsterdam safely without having to pull any more Bond stunts running on top of the train or the likes.. Thank goodness, we had enough drama for one day! We met Elliott at the station and I headed off to meet friends who are doing erasmus in Copenhagen and were touring round Amsterdam. We got pancakes and caught up on all the craic with each other’s new countries. It was so lovely to see people from home, especially since I went to secondary school and lived with the girls in first year. Who would have thought it 7 years ago when we were sitting in the corridors of Newry High fearing Ms Pride’s uniform rules!?

So, the girls went to catch their flight home and I headed off for a dander in the sunshine and some retail therapy while Mark made his journey here. He was all proud of himself for managing to get the flight on time and was texting me to come meet him at the train station, so I hopped on a tram and waited… And waited… And waited… Until 7pm and there was still no sign of him. So, fearing the worst I rang him and discovered he had got a train to a totally different station.. So off I went to save my wee damsel in distress from the perils of travelling alone. We headed for dinner and the finance minister was well pleased to find some 5 euro pizza restaurants – bargain!

The weather on Thursday was gorgeous so pancakes for breakfast was a requirement … well brunch by the time we got there (and we didn’t even have Rachel to blame for keeping us late this time). The pancakes were beaut, we were even offered a special pancake deal with caviar and a glass of champagne for only 35 euro, but you know, living the student life with a high flyer like Erin we were a bit sick of the oul caviar this week and decided to give it a miss.

We then dandered to Vondelpark and got a cold drink in the sunshine. Erin wasn’t best pleased that they cost a bomb, declaring ‘We’re paying for the view here’ and decided that to ‘make the most’ of her drink, she was going to use the fizzy water they had accidently bought to water down and make more of her drink… Well that went down like a lead balloon, it looked and tasted like someone had just forgotten to wash out their glass.. Poor Elliott just hung his head in shame.

After a quick pitstop, we went to the IAmsterdam sign and were surprised to see the ice skating rink that was there when us girls visited in February had been thawed out! We grabbed some photos and chilled out then went our separate ways. I did some shopping and Mark got ice cream for his patience.

At around 4pm we hopped on the train to Den Bosch, another city on the way home. To my delight, we found a cat café !!!! As Erin and Rachel both hate cats, this was the perfect opportunity to let my inner cat lady out!

On Friday night, we met all of the men for dinner in Nijmegen city centre. We had the best craic and only managed to get one decent photo altogether the whole night!

On Saturday, Mark and I went into Nijmegen city centre for a nosey and some food before he left for his evening flight.


After a tearful goodbye, I was glad to come back to Erin at the flat for some self-pity, complete with a soppy movie, doughnuts and strawberries (a bargain at 99c!)

We had a great weekend with our first visitors over, but sad to see it end!! However, it’s back to porridge on Monday for placement and the weeks will start flying in until our next visitors!

Have a fantastic week!
Naomi x


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