Mouse Mayhem

Hello! Welcome to Blog 4!

I’m aware this is going up a week late… Sorry about that! But this will just be a fairly short one anyway (mainly because I’m writing it a week late and I can’t remember half of what happened).

On Monday, Rachel and I headed to our closest McDonalds for breakfast.. However, as we all know.. Rachel Glenn, early mornings and getting ready quickly DO NOT appear in the same sentence unless it is to say – it’s impossible. Needless to say by the picture, we missed breakfast and ended up getting 20 chicken nuggets and chips between us… Oopsphoto-21-02-2017-11-26-49Monday was a beautiful day, and we cycled home by the river, stopping to chill out on the riverbank (and nearly getting soaked by a boat passing by) and getting a few pictures. The lighting was on point that day, so I even managed to sneak in a wee selfie while cycling (didn’t get fined or fall off – success!!) However, Rachel’s bike lost a bolt on the way home and after searching a roundabout while I stood like an eejit on the pavement holding the two bikes, we just cycled home despite her bike sounding like a screwed out 306. Peter – your mechanic skills are required when you come to visit!!

The next day we had our placement class, which is very chilled out (the lecturers even bought us coffee!) and consists of us all discussing our strengths and weaknesses in teaching and how we are going to improve them. We got some laugh when Rachel announced she is going to work on her organisation and time management skills… From the girl who is yet to make his 9am classes, Ken Gibson will be pleased to hear that.


Unfortunately in this class we also found out that Erin and Rachel have been placed in a bi-lingual school together while I have been placed in a Dutch school alone.. This was quite gutting, especially since I only know how to say chicken in Dutch but I’m looking forward to the experience anyway!

On Wednesday, we had our Holocaust module and were joined at lunch by some of the Dutch guys in our class who were giving us the lowdown on everything from the Dutch education system to the best places to visit in Holland. With all the craic, we lost track of time and then realised we really needed to get going as we were visiting a special needs school half an hour away and none of us had screenshotted a route to get there. Of course at this point none of us could get wifi, so we just had to YOLO our way there. However, this was slightly interrupted when Rachel was navigating and cycling simultaneously and came flying off her bike onto the pavement… First fall since getting here and she managed to rip a huge hole in her tights… Not ideal. By the time we were getting there (after a massive hill.. again who said Holland had no hills??) we were soaked but we really enjoyed the tour around and seeing the similariites and differences to home. I was also VERY excited to see they have an on-site mini farm complete with sheep, cats and hens .. I felt right at home!! Erin also got to hold a bearded dragon – not quite a fan of this myself, but Rachel who is terrified of any animal stood outside hoping the sheep weren’t going to break out and mutilate her.

We left the school in a convoy with some of our other classmates as they knew how to make the 8km cycle home. Well, we got the biggest soaking of our lives coming home… Northern Ireland rain has nothing on Holland – brutal.

On Saturday, we headed into town to search for a new backpack for Rachel as hers had started to rip within a few weeks of use! With an unfruitful search for one to match Rachel’s style, we ended up in the CUTEST coffee shop, complete with cushions, furry blankets and the chocolatiest brownies ever.

Finally, the biggest SCENE of the week was to unfold on Saturday night when we were about to have a movie night. Just as myself and Erin were dishing out the ice cream and twinkelz in the kitchen, I spotted a mouse scurrying across the floor from underneath our sofa to underneath the cooker!!!!! Well, naturally I ran to my room shouting while Erin was left wondering if she hadn’t given me enough ice cream or what was the story… I’ll let this video explain the rest, please excuse the pyjamas and general sight of us!!

Update: We haven’t caught the mouse and our caretaker is yet to get back to us so I suppose Flat 191 just have a pet now.

Bye for now!
Naomi x


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